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Mission statement


At NeuroMotion Wellness, our mission revolves around the connection between physical and mental well-being though the power of exercise.

As human beings, we are innately driven to move. Our bodies have evolved to thrive through movement, and it's this very motion that sets our brains in action. It's a fascinating synergy: the more we engage ourselves physically, mentally, and intellectually, the more rapidly our brains form connections and operate at their best. 

Our approach is rooted in solid scientific foundations, drawing from disciplines such as anatomy, kinesiology, biomechanics, and cutting-edge neuroscience research. With this knowledge, we design our exercise sessions to guide our clients towards holistic well-being.

Our primary focus lies in not only healing the body but also stimulating the brain. Through our tailored programs, we aim to make our clients not only physically stronger but also mentally sharper and smarter. At NeuroMotion Wellness, we're dedicated to your comprehensive wellness journey.

About me



Loïse founded NeuroMotion Wellness in 2016, leveraging a robust foundation in scientific expertise (BSc in neuroscience, PhD in chemistry from the University of Toronto) and a passion for health and fitness. Beyond her academic accomplishments, Loïse is a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor, both online and in person. She is passionate about helping individuals 70+ feel and move better.

Education and certifications

  • Health and Fitness Diploma (Humber College)

  • BoneFit

  • canfitpro Personal Trainer Specialist

  • Together in Movement and Exercise (TIME)

  • TRX

  • Thai Yoga

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